I came to Gemma after I had an epileptic fit in which I had really hurt myself and had been in severe pain for 2 weeks, unable to do the things I would normally be able to do in everyday life. Gemma was friendly, professional and made time to see me after work, even though I only finish at 6pm. I was nervous about coming to a service like this and Gemma made me feel really at east. The next day I woke up and I could get out of bed without the pain I had been suffering from so much previously. The pain down my spine had gone and only a little pain where the most severe part of the injury was. Gemma also got a personal plan over to me with stretches and techniques to aid the healing process within 24 hours. I am so grateful to the help that Gemma provided and would definitely return and recommend her services. Thank you Gemma!

Jessica Woolfson

Sept. 2020.

Gemma provides a top notch service and always sorts out my niggles and tight spots. She's very knowledgeable on issues commonly affecting those who do strength sports and gives me exercises and stretches that I can easily incorporate into my day. I highly recommend her!

Baruch Sekenofsky

Sept. 2020

Gemma know her stuff! Have been to see her with different niggles and injuries and she's always come up with solutions. Not only does she offer hands on treatment, but gives you a tailored set of exercises to help improve or prevent injury if that is what you need. Many of these have now become part of may daily routine pre or post-workout. Highly recommended.

Eva Aldea

August 2020

Hands-down, the best in the game. As the owner of LondonParkour, Gemma is the person I recommend to any of my high-level practitioners, athletes and students needing soft-tissue work. Very knowledgable, professional and experienced, it's extremely rare to find someone this good available to the public. Don't hesitate, book her now!

Andy Pearson (London Parkour)

January 2020

I’ve had several courses of treatment for different issues with Gemma. She was instrumental in enabling a full and fast recovery from a broken neck. Apart from that, over time via thorough analysis, she was able to identify the root cause of a couple of issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. I would recommend Gemma unreservedly, hands down the best manual therapist I’ve ever worked with!

Graeme Manzi

January 2020

When writing a review for Gemma i seem to get writers block, only because there is not one word alone to fully describe my experience with her so far. Her knowledge is mind blowing! She does not shy away from the challenges I have no doubt given her. If something is not right she will do her best to find out why and how to fix it. She will make you feel at home from the get go so no need to be nervous. An absolute legend.

Cam McCluskey

June 2019

Gemma has been fantastic throughout my treatment. When I first went to her she provided a thorough examination and listened carefully to all of the details of my injury, I never felt rushed. Throughout the treatment she explained why she was focusing on particular areas and what she was doing so I could understand more about my injury. She also provided me with clear instructions for exercises and stretches at home. Very friendly and would definitely recommend her!

Amy Birchall

June 2019

Gemma is a brilliant massage therapist, extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. She was recommended to me to help sort out some knee and lower back pain I'd been having and after asking me some questions and a quick examination she immediately knew where the problems were and how to address them. Making great progress after only a couple of sessions! Highly recommend to everyone.

Alfredo Duque

November 2019