The Commando Temple - Where I turned a corner

Good afternoon all! Me again wanting to introduce Cam, to voice the next part of his journey to walking. Reminiscing on the time when he first he found The Commando Temple and how this marked a turn in his training life, leading him to where he is now! I feel there may never be a better moment in time as now when we are all missing friends, family, training buddies, gyms and communities to express how important these connections and relationships are with good quality people to pick you up through life and support you on your journey!

CAM: So, I had been training by myself for several months with little to no improvement.

Though I had my moments of doubt and frustration, it only fuelled my fire to train more often and harder. Now days i am more kind to my body.

I decided that going from work to home repeatedly was tedious and so I began looking for a gym. Somewhere to focus and dedicate my time to strengthening my body in the best way. Now, my first gym membership was one at of those 24hr jobbies (you know the ones with no soul, just machines and 6 blokes all lined up “pumping” iron in the mirror – a stereotype but true in my experience!). So for me, it was not a motivating place to train, it was small, cramped and full of machines, I didn’t like it.

So a few days later, while I laid on my bed, i googled “badass motherf***in gyms (to train like a beast, with other like-minded beasts) and who have a gym dog” and low and behold I find ‘The Commando Temple’ in Deptford and yes they do have their very own Pooch - a beautiful German Shepherd “Red”! What more could I want??

Now, in reality, I googled “strength training and rehab gyms in London”. But still, for dramatic effect, we go with the previous story.

So I arrive later that day and Rob and his lovely wife Mayyah (Team Badass Mudduf***as) are enjoying a spot of lunch and I am invited to check the place out.

If my memory serves correct, they had a baby Red (dog), but what stood out was the soul of the place, all the crazy, badass man cave-like decor mixed in with old strongman equipment. A not so dirty place that it should be condemned, but also not so clean to make you feel like you just walked into a utopian gym of perfection…if that makes sense? In my eyes, this was more than i could imagine or have hoped for. It felt REAL!

The thing that stood out and still stands out today barring the little T.M.N.T figures you find hanging above the rafters, is the COMMUNITY that lives inside the walls from the Fight Club to Strongman and all in between.

While talking to Rob, I was never hard sold a membership, in fact! I was told to think it over and return if i wished, which for me, was a reason to return all on its own.

Hopefully more with Rob and other Coaches I’ve worked with and members of The Commando Temple in later posts, but for now, I just wanted to introduce the place that really marked a turning point in my training and knowledge of the body.

As this piece comes to and end I would just like to say how grateful I am to have met and worked with the people in The Commando Temple Community .

Its amazing how you have all come together and soldiered on during these harsh times, keep it up and i’ll see you when the gym re-opens. It is times like these that it becomes so clear to see the importance of community and a team that care! Stay safe and stay connected!

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