What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

Soft Tissue Therapy is the treatment of a soft tissue injury. Soft tissues being: all muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body.

Unlike a Sports Massage, which has the connatations of working with athletes or 'sporty people', soft tissue therapy is available to all individuals, no matter their background, but still uses many deep tissue massage techniques and more, including:

Myofascial release, stretching, positional release, soft tissue release, frictions, muscle energy techniques, trigger point release and Accupuncture.


 A treatment at Freedom Fit Massage includes the assessment, a treatment and a management plan for the injury or issue at hand.

Soft Tissue Therapy can be used to prevent injury; maintain optimum ranges and quality of movement; rehabilitate from injury/soft tissue damage/post surgery; improve posture; help in optimising alignment throughout the body. All treatments will effectively reduce pain, improve movement and relieve stress. All of these are elements which help to promote health and wellness in body and mind. 

The known benefits of massage include:

- Pain reduction (chronic and acute)

- Relaxation and stress relief

- Ease tired/achey muscles (reduces impact of


- Prevent injury (prehab)

- Injury rehabilitation - speeds up recovery

- Boosts immunity

- Removes accumulated toxins

- Improves blood circulation

- Improves joint mobility / range of movement

- Improves sleep quality

- Increases sporting performance and muscle tone

- Boosts energy levels and mood

- Aids in preparation for competition (excitation of   muscles and psychological readiness).

You are a human BEING and your body is your only vehicle to carry you through life. The importance of your body amplifies further when you participate in regular physical activity, sport and compete. Your body needs to be working optimally to achieve your desired results!

We can all be pretty tough on our bodies. Resulting in tired and achey muscles, strains, tensions, knots and niggles.

Quite often, many of us carry around so much stress in our bodies and do not even realise it.


Using various massage techniques, especially tailored to your needs, I will intuitively work to help you to become more in tune with your body and how you are really feeling on a deeper, muscular level.


Soft tissue treatments will help to release tensions in the fascia and muscles; increasing overall mobility and flexibility, joint range of movement and can improve sporting performance, whilst maintaining/improving muscular tone also.

Supporting the body’s natural potential to grow stronger and leaner muscles, helping you to use your body optimally in personal training/exercise sessions whilst preventing and/or treating injury.


Some may like a softer approach to aid with relaxation and can opt for a more holistic, therapeutic massage to help reduce toxins, relieve stress and relax; whilst others may need a deep tissue/sports massage to really work on the deeper fascia of the muscles to release a long-term build up of tension, resulting in pain and restricted movements at a joint.

I provide professional treatments of the highest quality, catering for your body's individual needs.

What to expect?

A Massage treatment  will include a movement analysis (addressing movement patterns, postural issues and any areas of pain); a specifically tailored massage and you will then be provided with tools of corrective/strengthening exercises; mobility drills and stretches, according to your requirements.

I will provide  you with necessary tools, enabling you to self-treat between sessions and empower you to take control of your body, accelerating healing and encouraging you to perform at your full potential. 

Additional services

Kinesiology taping

Sports Injury Acupuncture 

Pregnancy Massage

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