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You are a human BEING and your body is your only vehicle to carry you through life. The importance of your body amplifies further when you participate in regular physical activity, sport and/or compete. Your body needs to be working optimally to achieve your desired results!

We can all be pretty tough on our bodies. Accumulations of stress over time, results most often in tired and achey muscles, strains, tensions, knots/niggles and illness too.

Quite often, many of us carry around so much stress in our bodies and do not even realise it.

My treatments will raise your awareness to how much tension you are holding on to and exactly where and the impact of this on your body.

Seeing you move will allow me to see how you move, where the disfunction may lie and the reasons for your pain and/or injury.

Working hands-on with your soft tissues with massage techniques will allow me to feel the tensions and allow your tissues and fascia especially to release and encourage realignment. 

What can you expect from me?

A treatment with me will be so much more than a 'quick fix'! I treat the body as a whole and incorporate your frame of mind, educating you to be more aware of the WHY you have the issues that you are presenting. Which quickly reveals the HOW to treat you effectively to get the RESULTS you desire which most likely will be EASE of movement, MAXIMUM RANGE of movement, PAIN FREE movement and IMPROVED overall ability to move and perform as you desire.


So expect full engagement in your treatment, it will be active not passive!

What will a treatment include?

  •  Movement analysis (addressing movement patterns, postural issues and any areas of pain); 

  • A specifically tailored Soft Tissue Treatment (Hands on massage treatment)

  • Education and awareness raising on the what, where's and why's.

  • Movement and exercises to accelerate ideal alignment (pilates-based corrective/strengthening exercises; mobility drills and stretches, according to your requirements).

  • I will provide  you with necessary tools, enabling you to self-treat between sessions and empower you to take control of your body, accelerating healing and encouraging you to perform at your full potential. 

  • Expect an active treatment which is all inclusive of massage and movement to help you for the long-term! No patchwork methods here! It will be TEAMWORK - so be prepared to do your homework! 

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